Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Spain



Visiting Spain is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things you could do in Europe. From stunning beaches to relaxed, laidback terraces and from scenic mountains to lively, exciting cities, Spain is simply a land bursting with fun activities for everyone to enjoy. You don’t even have to be an expert traveler in order to have the time of your life – there are countless places to visit and activities to do! Here’s a short guide to some of the most popular and amazing places to visit in Spain, as well as a short description about each one.


Almeria is a Spanish town that is situated just off the coast of Galicia in the north of Spain. You’ll find this beautiful seaside town at the heart of Galicia and on the Costa del Sol – a beautiful coastal strip of land, which borders the Atlantic Ocean. It is an ideal place to experience the charm of a historic and cultural city. A must see is the Picasso House. You can also try out some of the local delicacies and take in some of the local culture by visiting Galician shops and other tourist attractions in Almeria. The Spanish Riviera is also a good place to explore Almeria, as it has more beautiful beaches. There are also plenty of other great places to visit in Almeria, so check out the various travel websites on the internet and plan your next holiday!


If you’re looking for something a bit different from the usual, then you should definitely consider visiting Portugal. Portugal is well known for its culture and tradition, with a rich history that goes back hundreds of years. During this time, Portugal was the largest Catholic state in Europe – so you can expect to experience some interesting cultural events during your trip to this beautiful country. Take a cruise around the famous Costa Brava and soak up the sights of stunning architecture, amazing coastline and beautiful beaches. If you prefer to get a taste of traditional Portuguese food, head to Lisbon to sample traditional dishes such as cod with potatoes and rice.


If history is more up your alley, then you should head to Majorca, one of the most popular places to visit in Spain and perhaps the world. This beautiful island of Majorca is home to magnificent churches, beautiful beaches, stunning weather, fantastic food and some great historical sites. If you love nature and beaches, then Majorca will be perfect – its beaches are simply breathtaking. Head to the beautiful, unspoveless beaches of Santorini or the picturesque and idyllic Punta Arenal and discover the true spirit of this exotic island.


If you’re looking for something a little quieter, then another great way to relax is to spend some time in Spain’s beautiful Canary Islands. The islands are beautiful, peaceful and offer some incredible scenery. You can choose to stay in a lovely villa on the Costa del Sol, or spend a few days visiting some of the beautiful resorts. The Canary Islands is made up of many smaller islands, so you should never have to travel for long. You should also visit the gorgeous towns of Fuengirola and Majorca in particular – there are plenty of things to do on your stay here.


If you have a passion for adventure and wildlife, then one of Spain’s most popular holiday destination should be Galicia. This region is renowned for its amazing landscapes and exciting wildlife and offers amazing scenery, wildlife parks and stunning landscapes. Spend a day on the Costa Brava – or go biking through the countryside of the Costa de Los Roques – a popular cycling spot! For a more relaxing time, you can spend the night under the stars at one of the many beautiful Galician beaches.